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released September 1, 2016

All lyrics written and performed by Billy Pilgrim, except:
Track 3 written and performed by Billy Pilgrim and Everything Makes Sense
Track 5 written and performed by Bobby Cinnamon
Track 6 written and performed by Billy Pilgrim and Krista Speroni
Track 8 written and performed by Billy Pilgrim, Mr. Brink and John Basement

All music written and performed by DJ Thermos, except:
Track 4 written and performed by DJ Thermos with Professor ASAP on the cuts
Track 7 written and performed by DJ Thermos with Surli Broocker on Harmonica
Track 8 features excerpts from the documentary series “East of Liberty” by Chris Ivey

All tracks produced by DJ Thermos Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Tuff Sound Recording

Managed by 1156 Artist Management

Cover by Em DeMarco Photography by Kitoko Chargois

Self Released September 2016

Junk Foods Thank Yous: Beth, Kitoko, Herman, Em, Professor ASAP, Aarie, Pam, Devin West, Surli, Krista, Brink, John, Chris Ivey, Joy, Steve Knots, Pittsburgh Producers Meetup, The Shadow Lounge, Mr. Lif, our moms, your moms, all the moms, call your mom.



all rights reserved


billy pilgrim Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

influenced by artists ranging from MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Tom Waits, Funkadelic, to Gil-Scot Heron.. performing and recording as a solo rapper, billy pilgrim was also the lead vocalist for ‘funk-punk-psyche-hop’ group, Mega-Def.
As either a solo performer or with Mega-Def, pilgrim has opened for such acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, K-Os, Dead Prez, Mr. Lif, Immortal Technique, Blu, and J*Davey.
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Track Name: Hostile
Call me atlas with the lashes on my back as the burden. Ever present like the presence of heretics at the burning. Turn my enemies into ashes feel fire and breathe smoke. Measure the pressure as if i pressed my fingers to your throat. Get choked slow, my coke flow leave headz numb. While I’m gettin low in this bitch and sippin drencrum. Take two hitz of de spliff and spit bedlam. Now breathe my sick drip while i mix this redrum. Then ease back fade catz into the blackground. Stars take flight on bright nightz and get the smackdown. Believe the hype and walk toward the light. My talk seeps to the core provide an open sore for in-sight. I touch mics every night like its my first time, cuz i been tight like a virgin since the first rhyme. Untouched with the uncut raw, leave em blind when i shine like a diamond with no flaw. A sign of the times my rhymes harrow a close call to conceal the feeling when shadows bite, call me Ghost Dog. Emcees end up like Dawn a diva no longer en vogue and still tryna hold on. And the feeling is so strong i live it to give it from holding it in for so long. So gone sometimes its hard to speak and hear the beat that’s always creeping in cities that never sleep. So the rhythm I've gotta keep and thats as deep as it gets, 451 leagues beneath until the need to seek breath. Ain’t leavin til nothings left they call it a double negative cuz rap of positive impacts no longer relative. Yeah, so please pass the sedative for what i did to this track it'd be wrong to let it live. So dead it. cuz this is more than a song I’m showing generations love like hugging kids, with nuclear arms. Bonded like napalm to form a tragedy thru bomb smoke floating like fire in zero gravity.
Track Name: Cosmic Golf
With silver tongue spit a star to leave a gem jealous, and with no holds barred to shoot marbles he toss planets, off axis but always on course with passion to make a classic. Atlas with a bag on his back. We fade to black and set the scene fantastic damage, game is just the name, this is practice. Somatically mapped, with the galaxy as my canvas. I been breakin atoms since birth, let em disperse. Nerds grabbin they glasses examining every verse but never fathom what i have in reserve and get served. They on the curb, while we on the verge. Pushin orbits in order to connect we stretch borders like end to end burners with a message for whoevers next then spread it throughout the universe. Still sippin wishin well water from pluto to quench our thirst, you know, still sippin w the true and livin. And it’s a given the mission is in the vision driven by definition with premonition thru wisdom. I’m speakin solar systems with a soul provision it was written cuz I’m the holder of the definition. Listen. No skepticism it’s non fiction. Just a pilgrim taking you on an expedition. Listen. Limitless villain you can measure by the pull but the treasure at the center is dark and thats where you find the jewel and I’m part of the rule to keep it connected with evidence in my elements on some galaxy next shit! And cuz we on some other shit they steady tryna test like we fresh off the mother ship. And we only came to get down. Rulers of the round, holding globes with the stars in out crowns. And my backspin I’m killin it reverse the axis for practice every plate we shift. With feet planted in firmament determined to play thru as if nothing was permanent. Off set on deck cross the bridge and facing the sun with no sweat. Sweet spot drop heavy ready to push, they carry the fade we hold steady like…
Track Name: Eat feat. EMS
[Billy Pilgrim]
I’m greedy for rhythmz so give me all that i can get. Cuz i ain’t never meet a fresh beat I couldn’t eat yet. Shut down your barz, treat em' like a buffet. I’m takin that, plus secondz just cuz they makin me pay. I dont play, catch me strappin up with knivez and forkz, cuz it all tastes better, when you hunt emcees for sport. And I make it look eazy. Stopped eating meat, but he didn’t believe me cuz the talk iz still so greazy. Some sweet leaf plus some nectar to match and once you throw it down the hatch relax and hit the playback like, 'did he say that?' Sheeeit, I’m just statin a fact we stay hungry. Plus Off the Wall like Mike collabin w/ Humpty. Share the fall. Then we can all break bread and if not, they can take your head. We been waitin at the back of the line starvin since the beginnin of rhyme so now we can’t waste time. And itz time to say grace but before the speech he's already cleaned the whole plate! Screamin for dessert from steady feenin for more cake ready cuz he's been dreamin of leavin for a tour date. And he'z raw like the need for seasonin—cuz you speak in poor taste from lack of proper ingredients. And i came to bring it all to the table so they know the content even though theres no label. Trust, there’s no additives or preservatives just delectable edibles—i cant help but serve kidz. What’s the purpose? I’m eatin to live, and you are what you eat, so what you got to give? Stay hungry but only take what we like, but never beef or swine, just beats rhymes and life. Never had much but we tryin to eat right and steady growin from knowin how to keep an appetite.

Take them notebooks out the microwave I slow cook em in a righteous way. They so shook of what he might just say. Bet they won't look me in the eyes today. Hard to explain it, but it's bout time. Sauté & filet'n them fakers with an outline. Looking for Good Times, I been hangin in a chow line. Tryna get my weight up, the majors we gon' outshine. Huh? They bitin' us like we don't even know guess they freegan with the flow. They receive what you bestow. Whether trash or treasure hope it lasts forever. They cherry pick that Aarie shit to mask they terror. Every meal makes sense, your bars is Monsanto. Sound like some white noise & lost channels. K-Kill that noise. This is a deeper food for thought so we can fill that void. Fill that belly up, ready? What! A glutton, addicted to a full stomach. No ribs touchin, I just need a lil' somethin. A taste or a treat, just a little nibble or a sample. Addicted to the flavor, this is a major example. Bumpin Dogg Food 'til my minds Kurupted. Regurgitating greatness cuz every thought is destructive. What you gon do when hell rose to your navel? Disabled because you put your elbows on my table.
Track Name: There It Is
They gas but still get passed up. I got more than fuel for the flames. It’s best you back up and tell a sucker stay in they lane. Smooth as wood grain down to the finish, push limits watching em fade outta range. They tryna gain, and can’t keep up. We on a higher plane so if they wanna say my name they better speak up. Or better yet abstain. Keep your hands down homie. We out for heads on some Ichabod Crane, John McClane, spittin felonious flow. Cuz with vengeance we takin names. Only difference is there ain’t gon be a sequel. Shit can never be the same and even what I’m sayin is just a preview. We see thru the future while most of these dudes are just see thru. I’m Billy please to meet you. Fuck real I keep it regal, for peeps who like to read, rollin spliffs sippin on vino. I’m spillin off the easel droppin bars harder than chino, but to speak for the keynote I’ma take this piece for the east coast peace!

…But I ain’t done yet. Veteran letterman but never the usual suspect. They seldom if ever get until the credits. Got em under a spell when i tell it keepin it copacetic. Better check what they sellin you or get a view at the ledger they spread it thru. Letters for those who never knew. So keep your pedestal, cuz we can smell it from the precipice. Evident with indelible method the message is the ethic you Edison I’m Tesla, better than. Check the measure ’n no ethics needed impeccable speech it’s hard to believe until they see it. He’s dope, rollin up slick, el dorado smooth in the back, lettin it blow. Then sow it up like open cuts. Soaked in the sound that I’m spitting it was written in the dust, then given a millennial thrust. Heavy weight discussion push up like, fuck your numbers you suck! i just had to tell em.
Track Name: Gutterfly feat. Krista Speroni
[Billy Pilgrim]
I keep the sun in my pocket as I’m walkin down the avenue. Misconstrued daily I’ve been cuz smiling is taboo. No denying whats true. I’m reviving the hue. Providing the indigo where most only see it as blue. With clues droppin like bread I break to provide the food and feed your head instead of pop radio or the evening news. Impresario, on this cosmic interlude, to produce movements even when they choosin to ignore the cues filling up the pews like it’s church and my pulpit is the booth but no religion cuz the only thing i speak is truth. And we living, feeling good, and it got me grinning. Fresh as the linen on your hotel sheets like oh well, at least I’m off the streets, sweet! Only cuz i recognize the bitter. Let the elixir simmer to spill out with my speech. They downriver, where the water is deep and I’m a drifter w confidence they mistake for conceit. Cuz i deliver like a dealer and keep it discrete. Cuz i got that fire inside. Never bothered askin why cuz we stay on the rise like yeast. Gutterfly when i speak. Stretching out my wings they try to touch but they cant reach.

And ima ride this out till the wheels fall off. Leaving the past for new paths. I’m caught in the sauce not lost but found. To stay up you can never be scared to get down. And with no crown i feel like a king. Sing a song, cuz i got one while dey worried bout rings. Divine by design while most fall for the flyest hymn. And thats why I’m not them, actin like they know you cuz we know how it ends with belief so true til you see the sun shinin and its showin you it’s time to begin again. So we grind jewels to the finest gem with no mind for the lies they spin. My only concern is bout the time we spend. That’s why I pen every line as if my life depends..

[Krista Speroni]
Come down off your citadel. Dare to climb the fells. One foot in front of your brother won't get you there. Your freedom called. We took a message for your little ones. simmer down , let it go, it'll grow here. Cause you will find what brings you up again. You already know. You're alive.
Track Name: Muddy Waters
Like house shoes and slippers. Brown liquor in the bed room. Here to slow it down like summer. Under the skies with no street lights just a back road. It’s just a night like any other. Some good americans like Hunter S. Brothers comin up from the dirt and servin up they sweat. So when it sets, let it seep. Thick as the funk when you can smell the season thru the heat. It’s as if she got the sticky and i just happen to have the swisher sweet. Complete like long days and a cold beer. Mellow gold like warm eyes, low stares and thru muddy waters we been deep rooted and still here. I spit molasses drip with slick talk thicker than the average to make it last, cuz I’m passionate. Instant vintage classic. So whenever we pass they be like 'thats dat shit!' and feeling brand new like many more miles to go but not many spots to slide thru. Red cups, bucket seats to a land where floorboards jump and babies can’t sleep. I keep a flask in my front pocket. Protectin from silver bullets cuz we howlin at the moon and these people can’t stop it. I’m pullin up my boots wildin. Only here to kick up shit, never slip, and spit the foulest. Workin mics until my hands callous. Around some fire freestylin, it’s just another day. So I take another sip as if I’m fin to stay and take my time placed in the state of mind where I’m reclined, ok and feelin fine. Refined as the slip in my speech, she by my side, they behind the lines talkin bout preach! The keys are in reach. We bout to slide like grease. I say peace!
Track Name: No Sunshine feat. Mr. Brink and John Basement
[Billy Pilgrim]
Empty lots and buildings bombed out. Policies took the wrong route. Community lost out. A whole generation chalked out. Refuse to be written off, if not your getting soft. Black president, while being broke makes it no longer relevant. Evident in the eyes of a child in a city of men, thinkin bout they pops and if they'll ever see him again. Back porches, 40 bottles and needles 50. Cent blunt spots, but yo you hear about your peoples? Shot, like the life thru her veins, give it a name. And it’s hard to place the blame when nobody’s pain is the same. Remain true. Strange fruit same blues. Fresh off the block now you back payin dues. Living off the top of the dresser and can’t stop. It’s pressure from either friends, lack of ends, or crooked cops. I’m talkin pawn shops pool halls and have nots. Takin a sip, but always pourin out the last drops.

[John Basement]
Nature or nurture. Why would you be mad they came at you like that? Look at what they did to the savior! Goodness.
Hallelujah! Cast pearls amongst my niggas. Swine I don't say nuttin to ya. Take evasive action, Action Jackson, Pull a pit maneuver. Crock pot, hood hot, nigga get da skewers. Messiah thru the manure. Hallelujah!

[Mr. Brink]
It’s crunch time no sunshine in these city streets. Not one dime in my pocket but don’t pity me. Duck one time cause fuck swine wanna jitney me to the ACJ. It’s rough times they just give me grief. Would puff lime but my PO want my dick to pee, in a cup and if it come up hot they gon sentence me for a violation. The gag hearing be annihilation families crying faces stressing out bout the time I’m facing. Just trying to make it but all I see is cloudy skies they raining. Tried to be patient with it all but my mind is racing. They locked me down for the winter I was hibernating. But now I’m out with Billy Pilgrim to my side adjacent. Why do brothers mug each other with the grimy faces? I smoke the newport to the bus sometimes I can’t take it. I wish the sun would come out and just shine today. Tired of rain, they hide behind the clouds, I can’t find it’s rays.

[John Basement]
The price has been paid. Your life is a sacrifice. Your life is a sacrifice.