big empty things.

by Billy Pilgrim

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03:26 video


debut e.p. on wax!


released January 6, 2015

lyrics by billy pilgrim otherwise noted
most of production by ash james otherwise noted
mixed and mastered by tuff sound




billy pilgrim Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

influenced by artists ranging from MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Tom Waits, Funkadelic, to Gil-Scot Heron.. performing and recording as a solo rapper, billy pilgrim was also the lead vocalist for ‘funk-punk-psyche-hop’ group, Mega-Def.
As either a solo performer or with Mega-Def, pilgrim has opened for such acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, K-Os, Dead Prez, Mr. Lif, Immortal Technique, Blu, and J*Davey.
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Track Name: the road
as I look across the bridge
I see the reflection of light,
Bright stars in the skies
Guide me through dark nights.
Living to survive,
This life breeds caution
And I feel the lost when
Another man dies..
Nothing left to cry,
Got my chest on empty.
Fill it with the sun,
So these suckas cant test me.
Let me
Go, where my father never made it
No questions..
I can tell you where all my days went
All to build a path to the promise.
I hear it in the wind,
And I feel it on the earth
Vibrates from the heart
And Ive been honest since birth..
Almost to the point of contradiction
The path I chose was never clear,
Til it all made sense
And I started believing in the reason im here..
Cant say,
Wont risk speaking on it..
Its gon b a long day!
Hold it w knowing you cant keep
Cuz the moment is now.. no sleep.
And must warn others w,
Conversations left
Like ex lovers..
They leave it alone
But aint no other.
Its just my love for the art
And im just playing my part,
Like ive been saying from start
And im not finished..
Can say it w a smile
But its written in the grimace..
Delicious in its vintage.
Drink it all down.
The only ones who saw it coming?
Were those who kept their ear to the ground
So let it pound.
The sound is magnificent
Born from imprisonment.
Little prince bangin his crown
Against the bars,
Til the people can hear him across town..
And found his end in the action,
Stop asking.
This is only a fraction..
Whats happening now?
Is a beginning
So im never worried how..
Im just happy that your listening!

Its time for me to leave home ma
That’s that ma’am,
There aint much left here to see
For a black man..
One way ticket,
No bags to pack.
And blow a kiss to my city,
Tell em I’ll be back!
Track Name: pilgrimage ft. unsung & shad Ali
Molded in a pot where the dreams get hotter than
steam from the flame met the water in the bottom
and returned to the vessel where the first one crowded in
and sank in his seat while the sky looked bright to him
love him or leave him he's a crack shot pedaling
cards with the mark of the fool and a skeleton
the future wasn't brighter than
flash in the brass pan
teeth in the napkin
scraps in the trashcan
born in a shirt with the mark of the beat
now I rock black hoodies with a cat on a leash
static electricity born in my sleeves and I'm bored
by this symphony I made in a dream
lay down
ear to the ground
hear the heartbeat
that's just where my mind goes
we live in a time code
If I don't make it home there ain't
no one to build a shrine for
I'm walking towards a sunset
with visuals to die for

billy pilgrim:
searchin for something to inspire
bird on a wire no desire for a perch
my thirst, draws water like atmosphere from the earth
for perfect circle return like the cycle for rebirth I
drop fluid, flex minds like grey matter
let the stress pass, till atoms scatter like rains
pressed like memories up against your windowpane
no shame, just simple and plain thats the riddle
a ripple in time, tho he got his start in the middle
struck thru the heart, til he stopped being civil what
is a symbol when you cant see
or say your reachin for the sky
and never seek past the canopy
is it vanity or apathy, blasphemy
i take flight, defying laws of gravity
avidly watchin the smoke trail absently
and left impressions kept like a cavity
cuz life is sweet

shad ali:
I think farther ahead,
Slightly off, a few tools short of a shed,
Enthralled my utensil bled,
And bred a black hole manipulating dark matter,
Spark chatter,
What you stipulate does not matter,
I make the rules,
Kick back, slacked, and played the fool,
Amidst the Riff Raff,
Catch frauds with the BET tat,
Sketch the set track in my head before I spit dat,
Creative spaceship,
Need a break like a chocolate wafer.
Awkward grace in the posture placement,
I shine my beacon all across the nation,
A floor awaits him,
If he dares to explore greatness,
This my court, (3rd) eye ball deserve a Naismith
I say that with some intrigue,
Undrafted entering the league,
Cause I do this shit with ease,
Catch him to the breeze with the veggie leaves,
Aesthetically, I got the stripes like a referee,
Cause beauty and the beast,
They fucked, and gave birth to me!!
Track Name: so it goes
Searching for a sunset
Overdone sleazy
Light me up another cigarette
Like the dawn on a Sunday
Sleepily headed the wrong direction
On a one way
Greedily needy
Completely sinking in my teeth
A beast for feelings
We kill em
Just to keep em in reach
So im speaking to the lost
Cost affected for the moment
Every message investeds a wash
The second its spoken
Movin on, thoughts
Ominous w promise to exhaust
No exceptions til im rejected
By all who choose to get involved
Objections mention reality
Corrected by the fucks I gave
That resulted in casualty
Stuck inna bag
Not tryna come out
Take another drag
And grab me a stout
Take another sip
Wanna pass out
But I see her on the floor
So there aint no doubt
Turn around get down
Vibrate let it shake
from the ground up
turn the sound up
cuz im tryna keep pace
take my liquor straight
no need for a chase
bound to the bass
and tied to the lights
found by the bass
high w the low lifes
slo mo fa sho
so hold on tight
yolo til dawn
cuz we goin all night
and im gone
on and on and on again
feeling pretty good
so I tell her bring a friend
and they got friends
so I let her bring em in
and none of em got men
so we’re ready to begin
lets go!

And the clock will not reverse
Tired of living fast
And not tryna finish first

Low brim stranger
Overhangs w little grip
He moves slow
To avoid danger
Don’t slip
Im slicker than most
More than like got a spliff
Even if im
Bumming a smoke
Close to the street
To the point of waking up in it
But only limited by the skies
So he’s drifting
Heavy lidded
And admittedly lifted
Grifting for minutes
Off the day walkers
And divvy rations for the night
Before grabbing my chalice off the altar
Its an overtime shift
Looking like another evening
Over the bend
W/ no attention to the cliff
Livin on the edge of a line
I was just getting ready to sniff
Bolo hit
In the dojo
lit like soho
feelin like a polo fit, fly
hobo giving shotguns
like why, not
picking up my friends from the sidewalk
watch for the cops
let me see a phone
so I can call Pop
the spots
down the block
we can go and get another shot
And the song don’t end
Cause for applause
Cuz we all goin in
Put it on the table
Like we all gon spend
Or act like I did
Cuz we all good friends
Or act like I did
Cuz we all good friends
All on 10, no turn down
Everything loud
So they all coming out
You all want to blend?
Pass that bottle around
Shit its all in fair trade
Aint nobody too proud
So let it all fade
Til you lost in the crowd
No one else getting in
If they comin unannounced
Was just sitting on a cloud
Winning then the room
Started to begin spinning
When she brings another round
Now we singing dirty old town
But inna couple minutes
They’ll b throwing in the towel
w/ somebody calling foul
and so it gets real
tho you keep forgetting how
tho you act like it aint your style
take another bow
make another vow
but stand your ground
when you stumble down the aisle
looking for a number
when you got no way to lay it down
when its time
to dial it back a notch
the slow wind to reason
before it all
comes to a
Track Name: the Hoëk
This face in a black light haze
when the street light shades pulled tight
to the window pane
we froze from the rush and attack
synth tone from the back room
soup with a wax spoon
"Too soon." said the dead to the joke
when he's framing the wheel
when the bicycle spoke
Run with the pack
get left in the back
with a fang in your kneecap
I'll laugh with a knee-slap
Jelly on the plate like a salisbury steak
Poisoned soy sauce
pass the hoisin
Repeat say please
say peace
Fig Newton my soul in a cake or a roll
bound to escape or at least make parole
when I'm drowning in coffee you're reading your scroll
Ride on my Falcor with Calgary Flames logo
on his matte white mustache grease
Funny how a guy tries Tae Kwon Doe
just to get knuckle busted with
his eyes wide closed
Plantain brand-name amscray lame brain
Butter in the briefcase
Cop another lambchop
Michael Jackstone in Bedrock
Mix cement in a pelican
Hold on tight
Match point
Bearded man blues
he escaped from the side show
Eyes closed
not smart with the rifle
but aim straight from the tower
slick with a bible
Prime numerals flash the dash
in my Subaru
no stash in the ash
no cash cause I'm beautiful
Fate scrapes jaws over fake meat
I won't pause for applause from the dank seats
stained with the turtleneck tissue that's painted
gold or a coral in the hole with a blanket
Faces in the crowd where crowns made of brown bags
unknown comics make salary
no name tags
first rap act on The Gong Show
I walk slow up to the stage
wear a sweater and a dog nose
Track Name: suckerPunch
for you i would sucker punch
the sun..

i would, kick babies
and club seals.

for your love i would even
do that thing Meatloaf

you make me want to
crush bugs for no

..your love is like a
fat sack of nitrous
followed by a punch
to the face..

with you i could push
old people down stairs.

this is the type
of love that burns

you make me want to scream
like brick thru
window panes
25 ft tall!

this is puppy
in the oven love..

i just dont know
what to do with myself

lets pull each
others pins.

but first,
..can i bite your face?
Track Name: melancholy molly
Her name was melancholy molly
And from time to time
She liked a little whiskey in her coffee
And every now and then a cigarette
Especially when it rains
And blames it on the weather
When she never recollects your name
Its all the same
Its as if we’ve never been
She takes another sip
I light my spliff and listen
As she begins
At a whim
Like the unexpected
All connected to past action
Started before her time
Yet shes more to me
Than her reaction
So I recline as she speak
Now she says she wants
My hands on her thigh
I feel the heat
Despite the distance
No questions to why
Just feeling like
Im there too listen
But shes so fly
I know i
Gotta be wrong
She shared her pain w me
Because I put it to a rhyme
Not ashamed
She never claimed
To be a stranger to the dawn
Yet she never turns her lights on

They call her molly, she in the mood
She needs some whiskey in her coffee
And some cali good (x2)

Now the feelings
Never enough
Until its too much
We stuck running
Whether coming or going
Til its done and im holdin
Onto moments
And its showing I know
So to savor the flavoe
Sometimes we like to
Take it slow to make it last
But only if
She remembers
How to forget
As when all things come to pass
We all searching for a fix
Where nobody
Has a clue
Yet we all up the mix
Heavy steps
Just trying to make it through
Not trying to pursue
Just wish I can help you
Carry the weight
She got my heart racing
Thogh I cant keep pace
And theres no way
To play it safe but wait
I take a step back
When she looks me dead in the face
Saying she needs a place
To rest at, no trespass
She quiet as kept
With nothing left to be said
She gets her way
By pressing her head
To my chest, yes

Track Name: selfies@thefuneral
molly-whopped droppin words similar to acid tabs shout til they kno what its about widdout a hash tag.. henry rollins of rap when i raise a black flag rockin glasses i couldve stole off my granddad strongbox flow here to cash out most of these rappers are better suited for a paper route makin rounds.. we takin em out widdout a doubt then catch us on the grassy knoll burnin one down government official thru a glass bowl fyah to your left hold your breath or risk catchin a death blow to the chest cuz we hit off the richter nah this is not a test its only that you fuckin w da best da best? da best..

from outer limits pull vocab stabbin space to break barriers i carry the message thru various sections where you can lose direction i turn but keep path learnin w the curve adding it up just to master the craft for the neo classic absurd fashion misfit w a passion for soundclash.. traveling thru your district plastered bastard he's laughing thru his grimace the static on the fringes but if your feeling skittish just relax and give me a minute.. i settle in like stink w funky shit to make you think dumping disposable niggaz down the sink trash rap cuz im not drinkin the kool aid that these fools paid for like pass dat.. suckas give me tooth aches and we fresher than some toothe paste so even vegan lesbians be checkin for me tubesteak water for your daughters call me bouche hats off like toupes direct connection to the sun doomsday so fuck what you say dude when daddys speakin interruptions are considered rude

and i am that dude..

pushin em back like a cuticle, fuckin brutal selfies at the funeral not the shit that your used to